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אגרת שנה טובה באנגלית
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Friends by Nature – Community Empowerment is a non-profit Israeli organization that was established in 2005 by a group of young Israelis working in the fields of multiculturalism, education for tolerance and acceptance, at-risk youth, community renewal and informal education. The founders of “Friends by Nature” represent a diverse mix of Ethiopian-Israelis and veteran Israelis, religious and secular, all sharing in the understanding that the success of immigrant communities within Israel is dependent on a strong sense of identity, the family unit, and appreciation for their unique cultural background.

Friends by Nature – Community Empowerment runs programs mainly for at-risk Ethiopian Israeli youth, providing them and their families with a sense of belonging and purpose, with their eyes to the future. The organization seeks to build and empower communities which operate a variety of programs and make them sustainable.

Our unique “Homework – At Home!” program, youth centers, and young adult programs have managed to reduce high school drop-out rates among Ethiopian Israelis to ZERO in some cases, boost participants’ achievements, and develop young enthusiastic leadership that takes responsibility for its community.

Goals of Friends by Nature:

  • To allow the full integration of immigrants into Israeli society, respecting cultural diversity and the contributions they bring to the country.
  • To develop community involvement and responsibility in Israel’s new generation
  • To help youth and youth at risk find their place in Israeli society as contributing members to their community
  • To strengthen the love for the land of Israel and its environment.

A great day at Chavat Shimshon with the Friends by Nature staff, families and kids from “Homework at Home” program in Shapira, and the Yahelnikim.