At Home-Homework

Do you find it hard to be productive at home? Might there be a lack of suitable conditions at home?
That is exactly why it is important to engage in home-based learning, and together, to practice the art of creating the “suitable conditions” for homework- at home. At Home-Homework is a unique and effective educational program that we have developed over the past decade. The program places special emphasis on learning and homework at the homes of students, either privately or in (small) groups. Lessons are directed by volunteer teachers from Gedera and the surrounding area, with the goal of engendering a sustainable and productive learning domain (suitable tables, lighting and quiet), and to engage parents in their children’s education.

To advance their academic achievements, students receive private lessons in Math, English, and other subjects; while in addition, they form friendly bonds with their fellow classmates and teachers. The students thereafter become role models for their younger siblings who, taking after their elders, often seek to join the program as well. Thus, a multi-generational change occurs within each home, whereby every member of the family– including the parents– actively participates in homework endeavors.

English Online

During the Covid Pandemic, schools were closed and it was made impossible to enter other people's homes and thus impossible to implement the At Home-Homework program. 

Being restrained within the confines of one’s home with a large and multi-generational family; heeding restrictions on outside interactions and meetings; reconciling with the uncertainty over the family’s financial welfare; and much, much more; these were but a few of the consequences that a lack of regular activities and educational programs had wrought upon youths during the Pandemic– in reaction to which, our organization sought a way to look out for the youths.

Out of this very-same crisis, a new program was born – English Online – a program that joins students of Ethiopian descent with volunteer teachers from North America for the sake of conversing in English. Such a program was possible even during the most severe of lockdowns.

The objective of the program is to develop and excercise spoken English within the comforts of the student’s home. Lessons are held weekly, via ZOOM (40 minutes per lesson), and enables students to work on their digital productivity, while maintaining their efforts to create a suitable working or learning environment at home.

After a successful 4-month long pilot program, we have endeavored to expand our program to other students of Ethiopian descent. Today, the program is operational in Gedera, Beit Shemesh, Karmiel, Yavneh, Ramleh, San-Francisco, Los-Angeles and the area, Washington and the area, and Boston and the area.

Students are afforded the opportunity to bring themselves, their lives and their heritage, into the conversation, while at the same time receiving the required support necessary to improve their English skills.

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