Youngens - The Next Generation!

A group of young people who, upon finishing their mandatory army service, attend weekly meetings wherein they discuss their future, prepare for the world of employment or academia, and volunteer in the neighborhood as instructors and teachers in various youth programs. Thus, they become role models for local teenagers, showing them that it is possible to be a successful young person who develops his/her own personal future while contributing to their community. Hundreds of our program graduates live within their community today, some of them have even joined the nucleus group and some have joined the scholarship program. 

The “Youngens” program began its activity during 2019, in partnership with the "City-Country" organization and the Prime Minister's Office. The program sought after the generation with the highest social mobility; the same generation that had led the famous Ethiopian protests in the past few years. The program has two key elements: building a group of young leaders and facilitating meetings between groups inside and outside the city.

In 2020, during heavy lockdowns, youth groups in the communities became a significant force that maintained contact with the elderly in the buildings wherein they lived. The familiarity between them and the elderly, along with their ability to speak to the elderly in their native language, gave them the ability to help them from day one; whether by buying groceries and medicine for them, or by talking and maintaining a warm and friendly relationship with them that helped alleviate any sense of loneliness.

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