Revealed - Moonlit meetings for Women

"I'm in the kitchen near the stove, cooking food for my family. I'm tired and in a bad mood. Suddenly, I felt that I was getting my monthly period. Rather happily, I went out to the women's home, and shouted to the neighbor to go to my house and finish what I started… and then I went in (the women’s home) to rest.” 

“I remember that my aunt and I were together at the women's home… she knelt to give birth…the women there, along with the md-wife, were going to great lengths to help her, massaging her back with oil made of special plants. The midwife would touch her stomach and tell her what to do..”Stand”.....”Walk”... Until finally, the baby came out; it was the first time I’ve ever seen a baby being born... Years later, I too had a child…the midwife was there and so was my aunt.. It helped calm me down. I knew that they knew what they were doing."

The Women's Home in Ethiopia was a space wherein both young and old women congregated, sat, rested, studied, and supported one another; all of which was encouraged and advocated for by the entire community. This feminine space was a fertile land of learning, wherein knowledge was passed on naturally, from generation to generation. It is there that women learned about the ways of life, about herbs; where they heard stories from ancient times and talked about their relationships; where they attentively listened to each other- receiving and giving advice.

In 2019, we at Friends By Nature decided to renew this unique space, albeit in its Israeli format, and created the Women's Project "Revealed": full moon meetings devoted exclusively for women which included studying together, as well as experiencing, observing and meditating together. The project is led by 4 volunteer women who are joined every month by dozens of women from Gaddera and the surrounding area.

Every month we meet for a session of 3 hours, wherein we allow ourselves to indulge in our womanhood, listen to each other, and get inspired by the story told by our guest speaker on the night; whereafter, we conclude the event with an enchanting moonlit ceremony.

An early purchase of admission tickets costs 80 NIS (or 60 NIS), and includes participation in the “pampering stall” (10 minute massage, grooming, Reiki etc.), beverages, a light meal, and a lecture/show.

Come and join us!

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