Beit Ambusa - a social-tourism initiative

The Jewish-Ethiopian story is one of the most compelling stories in Jewish history. Upon visiting our Gaddera-based social initiative, Beit Ambusa, visitors can acquaint themselves with the unique Ethiopian community in Israel, get to know the challenges they face, as well as the vision that has guided them in the past and keeps them going in the present. 

Whether through authentic, first-hand accounts and personal stories, or the wholesome hospitality; whether by the colorful food tastings, walking through organic gardens, participating in ritual dances or simply by partaking in the various handiwork workshops, prepare to discover the unique and exciting world of Ethiopian Israeli culture!

Lectures are provided by Friends By Nature staff members, who ensure that each lecture is as eventful as it is experiential– leaving visitors with the tastes, sounds and delights of Ethiopia and igniting their curiosities thereof.

Participating in our meetings are the elderly Ethiopian men and women of our community, who provide first-hand accounts of their experiences in rural Ethiopia and array of workshops, such as basket-weaving, pottery, string-spinning, and a fabulous tour of their organic vegetable gardens.

The Beit Ambusa program can now also visit you at your convenience: at schools, community centers, private groups, etc. and provide a unique experience in getting to know the Ethiopian community.

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