About us - the organization:

The Friends By Nature Community Empowerment organization was established in 2005 by a select group of young people who specialize in the implementation of multi-cultural identity programs, community initiatives, at-risk youth programs and informal educational programs.

Among the various members of the organization are Ethiopian-Israelis and Veteran Israelis, as well as religious and secular Israelis; each of whom is determined to oversee the success of their respective initiatives and are devoted to emboldening a sense of identity, via mutual respect, among their target audience’s respective heritage.

Since its inception, the organization has initiated, established and guided local community groups of Ethiopian descent. As of today, there are 8 operational local community groups throughout the country: Gaddera, Yavneh, Beit Shemesh, Rishon Le’Tzion, Lod, Petach Tiqwa, Yokneam and Hadera (along with the currently developing community in Ashdod).

In fact, each year a new group is formed. Friends By Nature also seeks to network and connect between the various groups, thus creating a “community of communities”.
The ultimate goals of Friends By Nature are to a) maximize the individual potential of local youths via the emboldening of their identity; empowering the family nucleus; engendering tolerance and solidarity amongst communities with diverse demographics; deterring at-risk youths from vandalism and vice via their participation in communal initiatives; increasing community involvement among community members; strengthening the attachment to and love of Israel;
and issuing scholarships to students who shall endeavor to advance the organization’s goals.

Names and Roles:

Yuvi Tasuma-Katz
Voluntary Chairman and CEO

Ofer Nemimi
Vice-CEO and Head of the Program
Training Center

Hadas Ben-Gal
Chief Coordinator, “Beit Ambusa” Program

Mirit Slotzky
Chief Coordinator
“Community Gardens” Program

Shiri Oren Nakar
Office Manager and Content Editor

Shira Reshef
“Community Gardens"

Yosef Makonnen
Chief Sales Coordinator and Chief Digital Coordinator